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Medical Monitor

With their brilliant image quality and compact design, SILENIO monitors are perfect for use with medical applications.

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Silenio Display


SILENIO displays are light, easy to clean and versatile. Their brilliant image quality (also in 4K UHD resolution) makes them ideal for use in surgical settings. The VESA mount holes allow them to be fixed to the wall and/or on a monitor arm.

Optimized picture quality
Certified medical device
4k UHD resolution
Slim hygienic design
VESA compatible
SILENIO monitors 22", 24", 42", 43" and 55"

Areas of use

• Endoscopic and surgical imaging

• Imaging in the operating theater

• Nurses' station

• Patient monitoring

• Orthopedics

• Displaying x-ray images

SILENIO monitors are available in 22", 24", 42" and 43" sizes; there is also a 55" version in in 4K UHD that is perfect for use during surgery.


The SILENIO has an IP65-rated front and no vents. This means it can be cleaned quickly and easily using disinfectant spray or wipes. The cable connections are optimally protected by a hygiene cover.

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Medical device

The SILENIO D is a class 1 medical device. This guarantees that it is safe to use in the patient's immediate vicinity.

DICOM Preset

DICOM Preset

SILENIO monitors have DICOM Part 14 calibration (grayscale correction). This means the SILENIO can be used for diagnostic purposes.

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