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Frequently Asked Questions

If possible, please have your processing number, serial number or customer number ready and call us. Phone number: 021616984-170 (RMA Department). IMPORTANT: Do not send any devices for repair without an RMA number issued by us. Goods without RMA number will be sent back immediately. We cannot assume any liability for goods without an RMA number.

The IP protection classes determine the extent to which an electrical component can be exposed to environmental influences without being damaged or presenting a safety risk.  

More about IP protection

ALS eliminates the backlighting fluctuations that may occur, for example, during the warm-up phase or due to temperature changes. In addition, this control also compensates for the runtime-related decrease in the backlight. In combination with high-quality PID panels, the monitors provide optimal, bright images even after many years.

Through this link you'll find drivers and software that we provide. Please note that a username and password are required to access this page. Both are available from our support. Important: Do not install drivers unless you are 100% sure. Please contact our support in case of doubt! Tel: +49 (0) 2161 / 6984-0

Equipotential bonding is the term for a connection with good electrical conductivity that minimizes different electrical potentials. Equipotential bonding is often colloquially referred to as grounding.

More about ZPA

Our experienced support team offers professional support. Please have the model name and serial number of your device ready when you contact us.  Support. Tel: +49 (0) 2161 / 6984-0