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JVC Displays

Diagnostic monitors

JVC displays cover a wide range of medical imaging and diagnostic applications.

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JVC Display

Versatile, powerful, durable: JVC displays are noted for their image quality, numerous features and long life.

up to 15 MP
Grayscale and color
Hardware calibration
Integrated LUTs
Integrated sensors
Network administration
Remote Control
areas of use

Areas of use

•   Digital image viewing and diagnostics
•   Applications ranging from radiology to pathology
•   Color and grayscale displays

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Front sensor

Integrated sensors stabilize brightness and color temperature.

dynamic gamma

Dynamic Gamma

"Dynamic Gamma" assigns the optimum gamma to each pixel. This makes it possible to display color and grayscale images simultaneously.

Auto Text Mode

Auto Text Mode facilitates the automatic adaptation of screen brightness to screen content. Screen brightness is accordingly reduced automatically when using text applications.

Network administration

All displays can be constantly monitored in conjunction with modern cloud systems, ensuring that the quality remains consistently high.

Modern housing design

A slim, two-tone design - timeless and modern.

Remote calibration

Remote calibration

Displays are calibrated automatically through the network.


For radiology applications, JVC offers a wide variety of displays with cutting-edge sensor technology and resolutions ranging from 1.3 to 15 million pixels.

Image viewing

Monitors for viewing clinical imaging can be set to display images uniformly throughout the clinic with the help of a DICOM preset and a high-quality LCD panel.

Touch displays

Touch displays for use with consoles combine good image quality with cutting-edge touch technology


Digital pathology requires precise color rendition and a large color space. With 99% AdobeRGB, all JVC pathology displays meet these requirements.


These highly flexible displays have numerous single inputs and a direct connection for all modalities.