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Landshut General Hospital, Bavaria


Operating rooms are the heart of medical facilities, where technology and precision go hand in hand. Recognizing the crucial importance of modern equipment in these complex spaces, LAKUMED Hospital in Vilsbiburg, Bavaria, relies on our products for their modernizations.

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Complex Operating Room Integration for Streamlined Workflow

Our wall monitors, workstations, and SMART OR Software form an integrated solution that not only meets the high technological demands of operating rooms but also optimizes efficiency and practicality in the workflow. We place special emphasis on integrating different modalities, each bringing its own video signals.

A standout feature is our plug-and-play solution designed specifically for the diversity of video signals. With our Full-HD and UHD iOi family, comprising transmitters and receivers, effective encoding of video data is achieved. These data are transmitted securely and stably over IP from any video source to its destination. iOi technology supports not only common digital signals and modalities but also stands out for its high flexibility, ensuring compatibility with analog signals. Additionally, control signals such as GPIO or serial signals can be seamlessly transmitted.

The seamless integration of iOi devices into the operating rooms of LAKUMED Hospital was effortlessly realized through the hybrid quick-connect cable. This innovative solution not only simplifies the installation process but also significantly optimizes the workflow. The use of external cables and separate power supplies is a thing of the past – with our plug-and-play solution, a single connector provides everything needed for smooth operation. We take pride in contributing to the modernization and efficiency improvement of operating rooms and supporting LAKUMED Hospital in Vilsbiburg in its pioneering steps in medical care.

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