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With screen sizes ranging from 121,5" to 65", OPERION wall monitors and workstations fit perfectly in any operating theater, whether new or newly refurbished.

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Monitor, HDR, Medizinischer All in One Computer

The OPERION turns any operating theater into a digital service center. Available in various sizes, easy to clean and fitted with multiple connections, the OPERION is the ideal system for constant use in state-of-the-art operating theaters.

Monitor sizes 24" to 65"
Variable housing technology
Optimized picture quality
Wide range of extensions
Certified medical device

Flush mount

In operating theaters with modular wall systems, the flush-mounted OPERION (FB design) can be integrated fully and hygienically as a part of the wall system. This design offers the most hygienic and cost-efficient form of monitor integration.



If the OPERION has to be surface-mounted, the best solution is the BODY design featuring a high-quality housing made of solid aluminum. In this case, the OPERION is mounted directly on the wall. The uniform depth of 125 millimeters allows several devices to be mounted adjacently.


Cover frame

Cover frame (BR) designs are the ideal choice for installation in drywall recesses. The fixed frame is mounted flush with the wall of the operating theater. The external dimensions of the cover frame can be adjusted to individual requirements.

PC kit

Optional PC kit

The OPERION can be supplied with an integrated PC system and the latest Intel technology on request. Depending on the PC component kit, the OPERION can be fitted with Intel i5® dual-core or i7®/i9® quad-core processors, up to 64 GB internal memory, and various data carriers (HDD, SSD).

Optional PC kit configurable up to 


i5®/i7®/i9® 9th gen.




64 GB


The wall monitors and workstations can be cleaned easily and hygienically. The cover frame (BR) and surface-mounted (BODY) versions are varnished with POLYFLEX® STERIDUR || germicidal powder coating.

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Every OPERION with a screen size of 32" or larger can show images from at least two signal sources simultaneously. The 4K UHD models (49", 55" and 75") even have an integrated Quadview controller and can display images from two (PIP, POP) or four (quad mode) signal sources.

Medical device

OPERION monitors and workstations are class 1 medical devices. This means they are safe for use in the patient's vicinity.


DICOM Preset 

All OPERION monitors have a factory-calibrated DICOM preset for optimum viewing of x-ray images.

More about DICOM Preset


The ergonomic keyboard DOCTRAY TOUCH consists of a hygienic keyboard with a mouse tray, a USB port, a suitable mouse and an optional DVD multidrive. The Doctray Touch is a folding, highly robust keyboard that contains an integrated touchpad.

Flush-mounted boxes

External devices such as monitors and USB sticks can be connected using flush-mounted boxes. These boxes can be configured individually according to the customer's specifications.


The INFOBAR is an optional multi-functional display that not only shows the time in a legible format but also includes other displays that can be combined depending on the specific project and requirements, e.g. temperature, air humidity, or the pressure difference between the operating theater and adjacent rooms.


SMART OR software facilitates the permanent storage and retrieval of recurrent screen and configuration layouts. Combining OPERION with our software SMART OR improves workflows by enabling intuitive control.

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Dock tray
Flush-mounted boxes
Info bar information display
Smart OR

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