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Teaser Arab Health Rein Medical

With the Arab Health, the most influential healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, set to open its doors again from January 29th to February 1st in Dubai. The event, among the largest globally, brings together key players in the medical market through a congress and exhibition program. Rein Medical has been an exhibitor at the Dubai World Trade Center for over a decade, and this year is no exception.

"Alongside companies Dr. Mach and MEDIK Hospital Design, we will be showcasing our booth at H3.C10, featuring not only a glimpse of our portfolio but also the latest version of the SMART OR software suite. SMART OR is our management system designed for integrating video, audio, and image data, along with control and monitoring functions for connected operating rooms," says Stephan Rein, Founder and CEO of Rein Medical. "This includes our customized IT wall modules from the OPERION series, high-resolution CLINIO surgery displays, and the new iOi Video-Over-IP family for digitized operating rooms. Our commitment is to accelerate the digital transformation in clinics, practices, and other medical facilities with tailored solutions - a commitment we reaffirm at Arab Health


New General Manager

For the first time, Ashraf Baioumy Ibrahim enters the exhibition as the new General Manager for the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region at Rein Medical. His base is the branch located in Dubai Healthcare City, where the newly designed showroom is also situated, operated by Rein Medical along with its two co-exhibitors. Visitors gain a realistic impression of collaborative solutions in the areas of the operating room, intensive care unit, and functional space, as well as an experiential approach. The premises feature a modern and operationally realistic design, highlighting the functionality and efficiency of Rein Medical's medical devices and software.