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4k for the OR

4K is the latest video standard. But it offers the advantage of high-quality image viewing not only for private households and cinema operators. Especially in the operating theatre this technology is a quality-enhancing achievement.

4 K UHD Display im Krankenhaus Auflösungen

What is 4K?

In general, there are two standards round 4k which are often mixed up, one is 4k and the other is UHD. Difference is the resolution of both, which is slightly different. This is related to the historical background.

Some Formats come from the consumer or professional field and other from the cinema usage. Resolution of UHD is 3840 x 2160 pixels which equals 4 Full HD Videos. 4K is 4096 x 2160 pixels which is targeted more for cinema usage as the image is wider and better adapted for cinema projections. What both standards offer is a much higher resolution, compared to Full HD Video and this is the actual benefit, a total new level of details.


4K Displays unterstützen BT-2020


In addition to the enrichment in case of resolution most 4k devices now start to support BT-2020 color space. BT-2020 or REC2020 offer a much higher range of colors which covers more of the human visible colors.

Just for comparison:
In coverage of the
CIE 1931 color space the Rec. 2020 color space covers 75.8%, and the Rec. 709 color space covers 35.9%. Which is a big win for color accuracy here.